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Learning to code… the hard way…


Learning to codeI want to be an expert at something. But I’m not. I don’t put enough time in anything to have the chance of becoming really good at it. Nothing.

So many times have I found something on the internet and thought to myself; “Wow, this is really cool. I want to learn more about that. This is how I can see myself doing for the rest of my life!”. After a couple of days, I lose interest again. Find something even cooler, and start focusing on that instead.

I don’t have a life motto. But my approach to becoming aware of new and interesting stuff is; Can someone else do that, then there is no reason why I can’t. So this is mainly the reason why I started trying to learn to code.


What I started with…

There are so many coders out there. And there is a lot of ways to learn to code. And every one has the best way to learn. The following is just a handful of resources I have been through while trying to learn to code:

The last one was when I thought I REALLY had to start from scratch.


Udemy 2D course

Udemy is REALLY nice!

The one I’ve spent most time in is a Udemy course: Complete C# Unity Developer 2D – Learn to Code Making Games which is on sale at the moment of typing this for $15. But Udemy often has it classes on sale so if you are interested in it and it’s not for sale, I recommend adding it to your wishlist and buy it when it’s back on sale.

It says I’ve finished 30% of that course but I’ve done more than that. They have re-recorded some of the material, I guess because Unity has been updated, so my progress isn’t registered correctly.

But I want to do more of that course. It was really good and I learned a lot. It’s just that I… lost interest at that time and it’s hard to start again…

If you have the tenacity, or perhaps I should say; if you just have ANY determination, since mine is very low, I really recommend this course as something to go through if you have no experience in coding, and want to start learning just that.


My dream of creating my own game

When in high school, you are (in Sweden at least) 18 years old and deciding on what you want to do for the rest of your life. I played a lot of games back then (as I still do), and wanted to be a game developer. I had no experience in coding what so ever, I just enjoyed playing games and I knew that if given the opportunity, and acquiring the skills necessary, I would be able to create good games that other would enjoy playing. And I still believe that.

However, the game industry back then didn’t flourish as it does now. At least not the indie game industry. So going after a game development career was a big risk. A risk my family didn’t want me to take. And I agreed. I came to my senses, and choose to do something that was guaranteed in giving me a job; International economics. Exciting…!

So to this day, I still want to become a game developer. And it’s not to late! At least that’s what I keep telling myself…


What did I learn from this?

I have of course learned some C# from the Udemy course, and other courses, but I am nowhere near being able to teach anyone any coding. I’m at that stage where I can read a code and somewhat understand what it does, but couldn’t correct it if it had bugs. I still haven’t understand the syntax so that I can by myself figure out what I should write after a certain class or a function and so on. Hopefully I am there someday, so that I can just reference the API to be able to finish my code.

I can however list some of the many different resources I have come across, and give you some of my feedback in regards to those resources, and HOPEFULLY I will help someone get started with coding.

If you have any tips on resources that are fun and educational I really appreciate your thoughts in the comments.

For my part, I just have to complete the Udemy course… I. Just. Have to…

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5 years ago

Thanks, really good information for me a newbie coder?

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