My first real website!

 In Rant

It can be frustrating

Making a website is haaaard… I mean, it’s a WordPress site so it is as easy as it possibly can be I guess but still… Getting everything to look like I think it should, to function as I think it should. It can be annoying. You change one thing, save, change another, save and so on. After you revisit a page you haven’t had a look at for some time you realize that something has messed it up… But what was it that messed it up!?

I now feel quite satisfied as how this site looks. It wouldn’t surprise me if someone with any creative sense whatsoever, look at this and think that it looks dull, and need more color and so on. However, as someone with the lack of any sense of creativity thinks that at least it’s functional.

I use to joke with a friend that I not only have a dominant left brain-half but I am missing my right  half all together, making me lacking basic creativity.

I used to have an old WordPress site, with a basic theme, looking like every others first WordPress site. At least now I have a paid theme and after trying and failing in creating a site MANY times, I now feel I can say that; I have my own website, my own blog and I feel proud of it!

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